In the realm of streaming devices, the Amazon FireStick stands tall as a beacon of innovation and accessibility. 

This compact yet powerful gadget has continually evolved, introducing new features that redefine our streaming experiences. 

From its user-friendly interface to the prowess of its remote control, it is renowned for making the world of streaming services more accessible than ever before. 

But what if you prefer to use Firestick without an Amazon account? 

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to unleash the FireStick’s full potential, with no Amazon account required.

The main problem with using an Amazon account for Firestick

The main concern that often discourages individuals from using an Amazon account with their Firestick is rooted in privacy. 

While linking your account for seamless streaming may seem convenient, many people are increasingly wary of compromising their personal data. 

In order to maintain it while using these devices, alternative methods are available, which we will explore in this guide.

What are the privacy concerns involved with using your Amazon account for Firestick?

The ease of streaming with Firestick brings forth important privacy concerns. 

Its provider, Amazon, employs the device for monitoring your online engagements.

As part of the default settings, FireStick permits Amazon to:

1. Gather information on device usage.

2. Gather data on app usage.

3. Engage in ongoing data monitoring and surveillance.

Unfortunately, a significant number of users are unaware that their streaming behaviors are continuously observed, leading to apprehensions regarding their online privacy and data protection.

How to use Firestick without an Amazon account?

If you’d rather not link your Fire TV Stick to your Amazon account, there are several alternatives to consider. 

Here is a general explanation of the primary methods, before we detail them in upcoming step-by-step guides:

1. Register and De-register

One option is to initially register your Fire TV Stick using your Amazon account to complete the setup process. 

Afterward, once you’ve installed another method to access content, you can opt to de-register the device. 

This approach provides flexibility but necessitates de-registering, which may not be suitable for everyone.

2. Utilize a Dummy Account

Another approach is to register your Fire TV Stick using a fabricated Amazon account. 

This straightforward method enables you to set up the device without any ties to your personal account.

3. Use an AppStarter

For a more advanced solution, you can use an application called AppStarter, formerly known as FireStarter. 

This launcher replaces the default Amazon interface with a simplified layout and eliminates the advertisements often associated with Prime Video. 

However, it isn’t available on the official app store, so you’ll need to sideload it using a third-party app.

Register to Firestick with your real account then de-register it later

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If you initially set up your Firestick with your Amazon account but want to remove it later, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Begin by connecting your Amazon Fire TV Stick to your television and Internet.

2. During the initial setup, you’ll be prompted to enter your Amazon account details. Use your real Amazon account information for this step.

3. Complete the setup process, and your Firestick will be registered to your Amazon account.

How to deregister a Firestick account

Now, let’s walk through the steps to deregister your Firestick from your Amazon account:

1. From the Firestick’s main menu, move to the right and select “Settings.”

2. In the Settings menu, scroll down and find the “My Account” option.

3. Within the My Account section, locate and select “Amazon Account.”

4. You will now see the option to “De-register.” Click on it.

5. A confirmation prompt will appear on your screen. To proceed with deregistration, select “De-register” once more.

6. Your Firestick is now successfully deregistered from your Amazon account!

What does it mean to de-register a Firestick account

When you choose to de-register your account from your Firestick device, it initiates a series of actions that significantly impact your device’s functionality. 

Essentially, Amazon removes content associated with your account from the Firestick, leading to a range of consequences. 

Some of the notable effects include the loss of access to certain Firestick features and functionalities. However, it’s important to note that while this action removes account-related content, it doesn’t completely erase your personal data. 

For a thorough removal of personal information, you’ll need to perform a factory reset on your Firestick device.

Register to Firestick using a fake account 

If you’re worried about maintaining your privacy while using a Firestick, you can opt to register it using a fictitious Amazon account. 

Follow these steps to set up your Firestick with a fake Amazon account:

  1. Start by acquiring a prepaid Visa gift card or a prepaid Visa credit card. This will serve as the payment method for your Amazon account.
  2. Using an incognito browser or private mode, visit the Amazon website and create a new Amazon account. Be sure to use a fictitious name and email address during the registration process.
  3. Add the prepaid Visa card you obtained earlier as the payment method for this newly created account. Amazon may require a billing address, so be prepared with a fictitious address as well.
  4. Now, take your Firestick and proceed with the initial setup. When prompted to sign in with an Amazon account, use the fake login credentials.
  5. Enjoy Content Privately!

Use an App called App Starter

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Begin by navigating to your FireStick Home Screen.
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  1. Locate and select the Settings icon within the menu.
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  1. Within the Settings menu, choose the option labeled “My Fire TV.”
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  1. If the Developer Option isn’t immediately visible, select  “About.”
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  1. Quickly go to  your Fire TV Stick’s remote seven times. This action triggers a notification stating, “No need, you are already a developer,” indicating successful Developer Options activation.
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  1. Select the newly accessible Developer Option.
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  1. Inside the Developer Option menu, find and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources.”
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  1. Confirm this action when prompted by clicking the “Turn On” button.
  1. Return to the FireStick home screen and select the “Find” option.
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  1. In the menu that appears, choose “Search.”
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  1. Write  “Downloader” in the search bar and select it from the results.
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  1. Select  the Downloader icon from the Apps & Games section.
- One IPTV
  1. Choose the “Download” or “Get” option to install the Downloader app.
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  1. Wait for the app installation to complete.
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  1. Once installed, open the Downloader app.
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  1. If you encounter any prompts, dismiss them by clicking “OK.”
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  1. Grant Downloader access to your photos, media, and files if requested by clicking “Allow.”
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  1. Select the URL bar on the Downloader home screen.
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  1. Enter the following URL: and then click “GO.”
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  1. Allow the APK file to download, which may take a moment.
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  1. After the download finishes, click “Install.”
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  1. Wait for the app to complete its installation on your device.
- One IPTV
  1. Once installation is done, click “Done.”
- One IPTV
  1. Open  the App Starter app.
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  1. Inside App Starter, select your Fire TV Stick, and you’re now ready to use your device without the need for an Amazon account!

Do I need an IPTV subscription for Firestick?

No, You can access a variety of content through free and paid streaming apps on this device without the need for a subscription.

Best alternatives for Firestick

If you’re looking for alternatives to Amazon’s Firestick, several options cater to your streaming needs:

  • Roku: Roku, a prominent player not affiliated with a mega-corporation, boasts a diverse lineup of models catering to various budgets.
    It initially focused on Netflix but has since expanded to support nearly all major streaming services.
  • Google: Google’s Chromecast featuring Google TV, available at $49, includes a comprehensive interface and a remote control.
    Additionally, Google is the driving force behind Android TV, found on devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV.
  • Apple: While Apple TV can be relatively costly, it stands as a compelling choice for those deeply integrated into the ecosystem.
  • Game Consoles: If you have a gaming console like the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, or Xbox Series X, you have the option to neglect the Fire Stick and make the best of your console for the majority of your streaming requirements.


Does Firestick come with Amazon account?

When purchasing a Firestick from Amazon utilizing a regular account, it might arrive with your Amazon account details already configured, simplifying the setup procedure.

Can I deregister an Amazon account from Firestick device?

Yes, it is possible to deregister an Amazon account from a Firestick device, effectively removing your account from the device entirely. 

This allows you to use the Firestick without being tied to a specific Amazon account.

Do I need Amazon Prime to use Firestick?

No, an Amazon Prime membership is not required to use a Firestick. 

However, please note that if you cancel your Prime membership, you won’t be able to access Amazon Prime videos. 

Nevertheless, you can still purchase or rent movies and TV shows as needed.

Is there a monthly fee for using Amazon Account for FireStick?

No, there is no monthly fee for using an Amazon Account with FireStick. 

The device itself does not charge a monthly fee, unless you choose to purchase premium applications like Netflix or Prime Video. However, there are numerous free applications available that you can install and use, which allow you to watch free movies and shows without any additional cost.