Picture this: You’ve entered the fascinating world of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), a cutting-edge innovation that has revolutionized the way we watch television. With a plethora of entertainment options right at your fingertips, it’s hard not to get hooked!

But what if you could save those must-see sports events, thrilling TV shows, and important news stories for later, share with friends, or create your personal digital collection? Sounds great, right? Well, get ready, because we’re about to make it happen.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal two smart methods for recording IPTV on your Android box: the handy TV Mate approach and the adaptable game capture card technique. So, jump in and get ready to be amazed!

How to record IPTV on an Android box?

Method #1: Recording with TV Mate

TV Mate is a popular IPTV player for Android devices that allows you to manage your IPTV channels and recordings with ease. To record IPTV using TV Mate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the TV Mate app on your Android box from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and input your IPTV playlist URL (usually provided by your IPTV service provider) to load your channels.
  3. Navigate to the channel or program you want to record.
  4. Press the record button (usually represented by a red circle) on the app’s interface.
  5. Once you’ve finished recording, press the stop button (usually represented by a square) to save the recording to your Android box’s storage.

Method #2: Using a Game Capture Card

A game capture card is a versatile device that can also be used to record IPTV on your Android box. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase a compatible game capture card (such as the Elgato HD60 or AverMedia Live Gamer Portable).
  2. Connect your Android box’s HDMI output to the HDMI input on the game capture card.
  3. Connect the game capture card’s HDMI output to your TV or monitor.
  4. Install the game capture card’s software on your computer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the recording.
  5. Start recording your IPTV content by pressing the record button on the game capture card’s software or device.

Why Record IPTV on Your Android Box?

A. Time-shifting convenience

Recording IPTV on your Android box allows you to watch your favorite content at your convenience, without worrying about missing a live broadcast or adhering to a TV schedule.

B. Building a personal content library

By recording IPTV content, you can build a personal library of your favorite shows, movies, and events. This allows you to revisit and enjoy your favorite content whenever you want.

C. Sharing favorite moments with friends and family

Recording IPTV allows you to share memorable moments from your favorite shows or events with friends and family who may have missed the live broadcast.

Additional Tips for Optimal IPTV Recording Experience

A. Ensuring a stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is essential for a smooth IPTV streaming and recording experience. Consider using a wired Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi extender to improve your connection stability.

B. Checking compatibility with your Android box

Before purchasing a game capture card or installing a new IPTV player, make sure the device or software is compatible with your Android box. Check the manufacturer’s website or app store listing for compatibility information.

C. Backing up your recordings

To prevent accidental loss of your recorded IPTV content, consider backing up your files to a cloud storage service or an external storage device. This will ensure you always have access to your favorite content, even if your Android box malfunctions or gets damaged.

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  1. Can I record and watch IPTV simultaneously?

Yes, with most IPTV players and game capture cards, you can record and watch IPTV simultaneously. However, this may depend on your Android box’s processing capabilities and your internet connection.

  1. What if I don’t have enough built-in storage?

If your Android box has limited storage, consider using an external storage device like a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. 

Make sure the storage device is compatible with your Android box and has enough space to store your recordings.

  1. Is it illegal to stream/record IPTV?

The legality of streaming or recording IPTV depends on the content and your location. Streaming or recording copyrighted content without permission is illegal. 

Always use legal IPTV services and ensure you have the necessary rights to record the content.


Recording IPTV on your Android box is a convenient way to save your favorite content for later viewing. Whether you prefer using TV Mate or a game capture card, both methods are effective and offer unique advantages. Remember to use legal IPTV services, abide by copyright laws, and follow the tips provided in this guide to make the most of your IPTV recording experience. Happy recording!